Specializing in forgotten photos &

 outlived personal possessions

from the

Victorian Era

Forgotten Likeness is a space for honoring forgotten people and the sentimental mementos they left behind.

The objects I share are tangible memories of people who once lived long ago. They represent a quiet kind of history that was meant to be kept close to the heart, and I feel honored to be able to share them.




I'm Chantel, curator of Forgotten Likeness. I love to collect old things and have been doing so for as long as I can remember. I love Victorian photographs and sentimental mementos like an old autograph book with a lock of hair, and a dried flower still tucked between its pages. The people who lived with these items are long since dead, and so are the memories that were once attached to their objects. However, we can imagine, and perhaps even feel the fragments of emotion they once held.

I have always had a peculiar affinity for the Victorian Era. My love for old photographs started at a very young age. When I was in grade school I remember the halls of our school were decorated with Victorian photographs. The school had once been an old looming Gothic brick building that has since been demolished and replaced. Victorian children who were my age in the photos stared back at me and looked so sullen and strange, yet at the same time familiar. Longing to know their stories, I liked to imagine histories for these black-and-white ghostly kids. While I love photos that are identified, a mysteriously nameless photo is just as compelling. I hope these items quicken your imagination as they do mine.


This is my very own ambrotype likeness by Joseph J. McAllister 


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